Getting started with I'm so cute Inc.

Posted by John Stuart on

How did we get started - its all because of our daughter. When she was around the age of three she would pick up toys and say yes you are so cute. After hearing this over and over we got it. She would look at her new found toy lets say a bunny  and start talking to it - you are so cute then she would be happy and smile. 

It was fun to see her hopping around enjoying her toys and being happy. The next thing was I started to think about it Im so cute who is cute the toy or the child. Well they are both very cute . After thinking more and more about it it came to me to illustrate animals designs that looked cute and happy. It was fun to think what kind of  animal should we draw because there are so many. Well thats where my daughter came in again to would say love this one one and that one and the next thing you know it was really all animals. 

We put it all together animal designs and colour with our trade mark I'm so cute .ca and bingo what better apparel but the onesies and bibs. We also wanted to make sure the apparel was going to be very good quality. It started with apparel , but we also have  pin buttons and removable tattoos for kids.

Funny how some things get started - while this is our story .